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January 27, 2012


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  • I'm a former Silicon Valley entrepreneur turned East Coast VC. I co-founded NextView Ventures, a seed-stage VC firm based in Boston, in 2010. Read More »



NextView Twitter Stream

  • robgo
     - 5 hours ago
    RT @jordancooper: Tweetstorms are f'ing annoying. 1) you're not @pmarca. If u didn't build Netscape stop bogarting the real estate in my fe…
  • robgo
     - 16 hours ago
    @ainakosiboyie should require no traction. Hence, genesis
  • robgo
     - 21 hours ago
    @objlphil probably used to work for FedEx
  • robgo
     - 21 hours ago
    @zosa seems like even with email, you can only send an email to yourself, no?